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Our founder

I was born in 1937 Tavsanli and native. I am a child of Tavsanli. After finishing primary school, I realized that I could not read, and I started commercial life. I dreamed of being successful when I was a child . After thinking about what I can do, what I can achieve, I decided on what we are doing today.

After doing my military service, I had to invest in the future of my children. With this investment, I wanted to achieve a branch not in Tavsanli. At Tavsanli there were only jobs such as locks, stoves and roasted chickpeas at that time. Transportation was just beginning in the 1960s. In each of these
I tried myself. But these things did not caress me spiritually. So what should have happened, this cleaning sector got stuck in my head, what could be the pure water of the cars, the battery acid was not known at that time. I had a chemist friend. The first breakthrough was with pure water by hand in hand with it, then it became battery acid and bleach, salt spirit, this kind of thing was never known in our region in the 60s. We investigated their benefits. We believed it would be bright for the future. Whatever we do, we can be successful. We entered the investment one by one.

When I finished my military service, I drew the plan and project of our todays workplace . I had my goals and principles such as opening such a large workplace, having a lot of employees, sharing this work with the employees and being single and I have walked to these goals.